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It never made sense to us that golfers would knowingly play a driver shaft that was too
heavy or too stiff. Golfers are some of the most inventive and detail-oriented people on
the planet. There has to be more to this than ego, we thought.

And as it turns out, there is. The way most golf shafts are made creates inconsistencies that
make a shaft “wobble” during the swing. These inconsistencies are known as “spine.” Golfers
can feel this, and they can prefer a shaft that’s heavier and/or stiffer to try to counteract the
effect of spine. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts. But it’s far from optimal.

Shaft Driver TPT Lo The way TPT shafts are made, there is no spine. This is one of the reasons golfers tell
us that our shafts feel more stable than other shafts: even our softer flexes.

Because of the differences in the way our shafts perform, we have chosen to sell them exclusively
through fitters. These fitters have been individually vetted by our team and fully trained on how to
fit TPT shafts.

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Weight and Torque

14 MID 76g 3.0, 15 LOW 79g 2.9, 16 LOW 74g 3.2, 16 MID 68g 3.5, 17 LOW 68g 3.6, 18 LOW 64g 3.9, 18 MID 57g 4.2, 19 LOW 58g 4.4


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